Photo by the Bay

Capturing Nature & Architecture.

As an Air Force retiree and civil engineer, photography wasn't my focus until I moved to Cape Charles. Despite limited experience beyond photographing my daughter's horse shows, the Bay's beauty captivated me. Now, I share its essence through my lens, bringing the salt air and seagull sounds to you wherever you are!

Ethical Photography- I prioritize preserving our natural environment and its inhabitants. Following National Audubon Society guidelines, I refrain from staging scenes or disturbing wildlife. Minimal editing ensures authenticity, capturing nature as I see it.

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Thank you for visiting Photo by the Bay! As the photographer behind the lens, Marina Pierce, I'm thrilled to share the beauty of the bay with you. Your support means the world to us, and we're grateful for the opportunity to showcase our passion for photography. We hope our photos brought a touch of magic to your day. Come back soon