My Story

Hi I’m Marina Pierce and this is my journey. 

Growing up in the quaint town of Iowa, I harbored a deep curiosity for the world beyond. This led me to embark on a fulfilling 35-year journey in Federal service, both as a military officer and civilian, with my twin daughters, Shannon and Kathleen, by my side. In 2011, a serendipitous encounter with Erik from King George changed the course of my life. He gifted me my first camera, igniting a passion for capturing precious moments with our children in their various pursuits – from golf and baseball to theater and equestrian events. Through the lens, I became adept at documenting the vibrant energy of golf tournaments and the grace of equestrian competitions.

In 2020, as our daughters ventured off to college, Erik and I sought solace in the serene shores of Cape Charles – a quaint retreat reminiscent of my Iowa roots, now adorned with a picturesque coastline. Here, amidst the natural splendor of the Eastern Shore, I found renewed inspiration for my photography. With Erik's unwavering support, I upgraded my camera equipment, paving the way for an ongoing narrative of exploration and discovery. Each day, accompanied by my loyal photo companion, Finley, I venture forth, capturing the remarkable diversity of wildlife and the breathtaking beauty of sunsets.

In my pursuit of wildlife photography, I adhere to strict ethical standards, ensuring minimal disturbance to the natural habitat. My aim is simple: to offer you, the viewer, an authentic glimpse of nature as I encountered it – raw, unfiltered, and captivating. I invite you to revel in the enchanting allure of the Eastern Shore through my lens, experiencing its splendor just as I did.

Having found solace and inspiration in this enchanting locale, I am driven to safeguard its pristine beauty for future generations. That's why I pledge to donate 10% of my annual profits to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, a testament to my commitment to preserving the natural treasures of the Eastern Shore.